Grand Terrace Chamber of Commerce Launches #MovingForwardForGrandTerrace

Grand Terrace Chamber of Commerce has rolled out “Moving Forward For Grand Terrace,” which is a simple but flexible program to help build confidence in Grand Terrace’s economic recovery.

The aim is to support and encourage local businesses to Move Forward as the city recovers from the economic impacts of an unprecedented pandemic.

This campaign will promote challenges throughout the year, encouraging community members to shop and support establishments in Grand Terrace. February’s contest is a carry out challenge – #gtcarryoutchallenge. Each completed post will entered to win $100 worth of Grand Terrace Business Gift Cards. To enter participants will order carryout from a Grand Terrace Business. They will then take a picture while picking up, check-in on FaceBook, post the picture, and Tag 2 friends challenging them to do the same. Be sure to tag the establishment, #grandterracechamber, and #gtcarryoutchallege.

Moving Forward For Grand Terrace was designed to be flexible so it can be used and shared by any business, large or small, in marketing communications, activities, and materials.

In addition to participating, you can support Moving Forward for Grand Terrace by:
· Telling Friends and Family
· Use the #MovingForwardForGrandTerrace and #gtchamber to achieve maximum coverage
· Looking into Sponsorship Opportunities at
· Donating community Gift Cards

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