City of Grand Terrace-Animal Licensing, Press Release

Grand Terrace, CA – Today, the City of Grand Terrace announces that beginning

immediately all animal licensing returns to City Hall. Last year, the City of San

Bernardino handled all animal licensing as part of the Animal Control and Sheltering

Services contract. However, that program was not successful and the City is bringing it

back to City Hall.

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“Due to a significant decrease in animal licensing last year, we made the decision

to return animal licensing to City Hall.” said City Manager G. Harold Duffey. “We feel

that this will better serve our residents, as well as the City, and thank residents for their



Grand Terrace Staff mailed animal license renewals last week, and are working

with the City of San Bernardino to receive updated license information. In the interim,

any resident that receives a renewal notice from Grand Terrace that has already paid

their fees can provide the City a copy of the license, and we will update our records.

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